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Learn how to help non-native English speakers develop language skills.

Webster's graduate certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages program is designed for education professionals with or without teaching experience. The TEFL certificate is designed for students interested in teaching outside of the United States in both adult and K-12 settings. Students seeking this graduate certificate must have earned a recognized baccalaureate degree and meet the admission and acceptance criteria, as outlined in the graduate certificate program’s Academic Policies. Students may receive the Webster University TEFL certificate by completing a minimum of 21 credit hours toward the MA in Teaching English as a Second Language.

Graduate Certificate

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Group of students talk and look at books and papers while on table in big letters it reads "Learn English."

Program Requires 21 Credit Hours

All courses are 3 credit hours unless otherwise marked.

TEFL Curriculum

The TEFL Certificate shares the same seven core courses required of all MA in TESOL students, and these seven courses have been aligned to address a set of five standards developed by specialists in coordination with the organization Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages. These standards are known as the TESOL Standards. The five learning outcomes below are assessed through a series of summative assessments at the end of each of these core courses.

  • Students will be able to describe the relevant features of language that learners need to acquire (TESOL Standard 1 - Knowledge About Language)
  • Students will be able to describe the academic and personal characteristics of language learners and educators in order to determine culturally relevant instructional choices (TESOL Standard 2 - Sociocultural Context of Learners and Teachers)
  • Students will be able to design and implement standards-based instruction using evidence-based strategies and approaches (TESOL Standard 3 - Planning and Implementing Instruction)
  • Students will be able to analyze and interpret various language assessment tools and data in order to strengthen language instruction and/or content instruction through the target language (TESOL Standard 4 - Assessment and Evaluation)
  • Students will be able to model and reflect upon professionalism and leadership in language instruction, collaboration, and advocacy (TESOL Standard 5 - Professionalism and Leadership)

  • TESL 5030 Linguistics for Language Learning and Teaching (3 hours)
  • TESL 5230 Theories of Foreign and Second Language Acquisition (3 hours)
  • TESL 5139 Instructional Methods for Language Classrooms (3 hours)
  • TESL 5220 Lesson Planning and Curriculum Development for Language Classroom (3 hours)
  • TESL 5311 Language Assessment (3 hours)
  • TESL 5350 Sociolinguistics (3 hours)
  • Three credit hours of Practicum selected from:
  • TESL 5040 Practicum in English Language Classrooms (taken at the end of the program) (1-3 hours)
  • TESL 5041 Tutoring in English (1 hour)
  • TESL 5042 Initial Practicum in English Language Classrooms (1 hour)

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Webster Athens, part of Webster University's global network of international schools, brings the best of American education to Greece. Class sizes are small and our faculty bring real-life knowledge and personal attention to the classroom.


[Music fades in with text appearing over a photo of the St. Louis Arch.]

Text on screen: Welcome to Webster University

[Overhead shot of Webster Groves campus with fall leaves and students walking to class.]

Text on screen: and to our Global Campus Network

[Photo of a map of the world.]

Text on screen: Webster University’s Study Abroad Locations. Athens, Greece, Geneva, Switzerland, Leiden, the Netherlands, Vienna, Austria.

Text on screen: Athens, Greece

[Photos of Webster students posing in front of Greek ruins on Athens acropolis, the exterior of the Webster Athens campus building with two plants, and a student with white buildings along a mountainside behind her.]

Text on screen: Geneva, Switzerland

[Photos of overhead view of Geneva campus with mountains in the background, the Webster Geneva Campus buildings, and a group shot of Webster Leiden students on a trip.]

Text on screen: Leiden, the Netherlands

[Overhead view of the Webster-Leiden campus on the canals of the Netherlands, video of the waving Webster Leiden Campus flag, and photo of five students with bikes making Ws with their fingers in across the canal from the campus building.]

Text on screen: Vienna, Austria

[Photo of the Webster Vienna campus — a large white building with a red roof, time-lapse video of the city of Vienna, and photo of three students posing together outside carnival swings ride.]

Text on screen: Webster University (Webster International Network of Schools), A leader in global education.

[Eight images from top left: Four students at graduation, holding flags. Next image: Four students presenting to a group. Next image: Three students in class, smiling. From bottom left: image of Geneva campus, image of the colors of Ghana’s national flag. Next image: Two students posing at the Leiden campus. Next image: A student taking a picture of a building with their camera phone. Next image: Three students talking and smiling.]

Text on screen: Webster’s Global Campuses expand study abroad for universities and students.

[Six photos: Five students posing at the Athens campus, sitting on a railing with the sunset behind them. A person taking a building photo with phone camera. Six dance majors posing in the hallway with arms and legs outstretched. A student taking a photo of mountains and water, equipped with camera and hiking gear. Student juggles soccer ball with feet in field with Ferris wheel in background.]

[Video of tourists and students at the Acropolis.]

[Photo of a student sitting on short wall in front of Greek village with white buildings.]

[Video of people riding bikes over canal bridge in Leiden.]

[Photos of three students talking together in front of historic building in Vienna and of a Gorlok poses with a student at an event.]

[Video of Webster Leiden Campus students at graduation throwing caps in air.]

Text on screen: Webster University

[Music fades out]

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Founded in 1915, Webster University is committed to ensuring high-quality learning experiences that transform students for global citizenship and individual excellence. In 2014, Webster Athens joined our network to bring the best of American education with the only fully owned and controlled (academically and financially) accredited campus of a U.S. university in Greece.

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