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Discover a supportive community and personalized educational experience at Webster Athens. Our campus, which is in the picturesque Plaka area, has well-equipped classrooms, a library, a computer lab, a cafeteria and staff offices dedicated to enhancing your university experience.

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Webster Athens Library and Cultural Center

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After opening our University’s doors in 2014, we’ve sustained a legacy of welcoming students from around the globe.

From on-campus housing to a wide range of events and activities designed to entertain, we’re determined to provide an unparalleled academic adventure.

Two women graduating from Webster Athens
A student graduating from Webster Athens in front of historical building.
Two men graduating from Webster Athens and moving their tassel from one side to the other

Webster Global

Because we follow a common curriculum and offer academic equality across all Webster campuses, you will not miss a beat on your path to success while studying at Webster Athens.

The cost of your tuition while studying at Webster Athens will remain unchanged versus the tuition you pay to your current Webster campus.

If you are interested in studying at Webster Athens, your first step is to contact the Study Abroad office at your Webster home campus. For more information visit Webster's Global Network.

You will also want to review visa and permit requirements by visiting our Visas and Permits page.


Celebrating A Cross-Cultural Perspective

Whether you’re enrolling as a freshman, a Study Abroad student or as a graduate student, we pride ourselves on providing a community environment that prioritizes your education.

To learn more about our student-focused curriculum or campus life, connect with our knowledgeable staff.


Daytime Athens city view with Acropolis in background

Athens - Monastiraki Square, C messier, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Nighttime Athens city view with Roman agora ruins in foreground

Athens - Roman (Romaiki) Agora

Roman agora in Athens at night with full moon

Athens - Roman Agora entrance