US Ambassador to Greece Gives Opening Address at 2024 Ambassadors’ Socio-Political Forum

Tsunis speaks with Webster University Athens international relations students as part of the forum’s opening address.George J. Tsunis speaks with Webster University Athens International Relations students as part of the forum’s opening address.

Webster Athens was proud to host the U.S. Ambassador to Athens, George J. Tsunis, as part of this year’s 2024 Ambassadors’ Socio-Political Forum. Tsunis gave the opening address at the event, held at the Webster University Cultural Center at the Athens campus on March 21. He highlighted strong ties between the U.S. and Greece and engaged with a diverse body of students from countries around the world. 
“I had a wonderful time engaging with a diverse group of international students at the Webster Athens Ambassadors’ Forum,” said Tsunis via a social media statement. “Congratulations to Webster Athens for being a pioneer in U.S.-Greece educational collaboration, bringing U.S. students to Greece since 2016.”  
“It was a true honor to welcome H.E., the Ambassador of U.S. George Tsunis to deliver the opening speech and take part in this year’s Ambassadors’ Forum. The enthusiasm and feedback from our students underscored the value and significance of his lecture,” said Vasilis J. Botopoulos, rector of Webster University Athens. 

Botopoulos pictured with Tsunis outside of Webster University Athens.

Vasilis J. Botopoulos (left) pictured with George J. Tsunis (right) outside of Webster University Athens.
The U.S. Embassy in Athens also released a statement regarding Tsunis’ participation in the Forum. 
“The students' enthusiasm for international relations highlighted the strong educational ties between the U.S. and Greece, highlighting diverse global leadership perspectives. What a vibrant exchange of ideas about diplomacy! We thank the Webster Athens community for this enriching experience, reaffirming our dedication to strengthening international connections and dialogue,” said the U.S. Embassy in Athens. 

International relations students pose for a photo with Tsunis.
International Relations students pose for a photo with George J. Tsunis.

Tsunis is the Greek American son of immigrants to the United States, with deep roots in the village of Platanos in the mountainous region of Nafpaktia. Growing up, his parents instilled in him the Hellenic ideals of καλοσύνη (goodness), αγάπη (love), and above all, φιλότιμο (the love of honor). He learned Greek as his first language. Deeply engaged with the Greek American community, Ambassador Tsunis was a founding trustee of the Hellenic American Leadership Council and is a trustee of the Hellenic Initiative, among other roles.  
The Ambassadors’ Forum, an annual event hosted by the International Relations Department at Webster Athens, features a series of lectures delivered by ambassadors and official representatives of states. The 2024 Forum commenced on March 21 and will conclude on April 25. The forum provides students with a conceptual understanding of diplomacy and international relations, analyzes the factors leading to significant global developments and deepens their knowledge of various contemporary and vital areas of study. It consists mainly of lectures by the ambassadors on topics like their country’s foreign policy, international organizations [United Nations, European Union, and NATO], international cooperation, international security and bilateral or multilateral issues.

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