Odyssey in Athens offers accredited courses with an international or cross-cultural focus in anthropology, business administration, journalism, history, literature, political science and economics. Courses surveying Greek civilization from ancient times to the present, cover art and architecture, ethnography and culture, history, literature, politics, and language. There are no specific program requirements, but students are encouraged to take advantage of the Greek culture and language courses to the fullest extent possible. The undergraduate academic program consists of an eight-week term, where students can take up to nine credits, a semester (16 weeks) where students can earn up to 18 credits, a full academic year for up to 36 credits and a four-week summer session for up to six credits.

Students in transition to graduate school or employment in the international arena are also welcome to apply. Enrollment is for a term, single semester, full academic year or summer session.

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Students in graduate school can also participate in Odyssey in Athens. The graduate academic program consists of up to 5 credits per term (eight weeks), up to 10 credits per semester (16 weeks), up to 20 credits for a full academic year, and up to four credits for a summer session (four weeks). Enrollment is for a single term, full semester, academic year or summer session.

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Orientation features walking tours of Athens and information on how best to adapt to the ways of life in Greece. The Director of Odyssey in Athens is always available to help students adjust by discussing cultural differences and social expectations while scheduling activities and events to allow students to get to know the faculty, the staff and other students.

Excursions and field trips are an integral part of Odyssey in Athens. Destinations include sites in Attica (the Acropolis, Ancient and Roman Agora and several museums and the Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion), the Peloponnese (Corinth, Mycenae, Argos, Epidaurus, Ancient Olympia, Sparta and Monemvasia), and central Greece (Delphi, Thebes, Meteora). The cost of group travel and shared lodging is fully covered by the program fee. Students may use their free weekends to travel on their own and will quickly discover that Greece abounds with island and mainland attractions easily accessed from Athens at a relatively low cost. The exquisite natural beauty of the country — idyllic islands washed by dazzling light and surrounded by pristine waters, snow-capped mountain ranges torn by gorges and ravines, and lush valleys blanketed by olive, fig, orange and lemon trees — makes an indelible impression on visitors to its shores.

Once their academic obligations are met, students are free to live their own lives, and are encouraged to take full advantage of the plethora of cultural and recreational activities available to them in Athens. At the same time, they are expected to conduct themselves with decorum and respect for the customs, values and laws of their host country under all circumstances.

Throughout the semester a variety of activities are planned for the Odyssey students such as dances, dinners, coffee hours, service and sporting events, movie/pizza nights, etc. Also, they can partake in classes that teach them traditional Greek dances and popular Greek dishes.

Odyssey in Athens welcomes applications from students in good standing at their home colleges who are resourceful, flexible and eager to learn about the landscape, culture, and people of Greece. It accepts qualified applicants without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national or ethnic origin. Deadlines for admission are March 30 for the full year and Fall semester; September 30 for Spring semester; and February 28 for Summer session.

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Dina Skias
Director of Study Abroad
Odyssey in Athens
Tel: +30 211 990 5303